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Building on a Gift of History no Other Michigan City can Claim!


About the Project

An opportunity for Kalamazoo

Abraham Lincoln's legacy of character, achievement and leadership has tremendous potential as an educational model for instructing young minds. Everything from ethics and elocution to the value of literacy and the importance of hard work, honesty, and personal responsibility can be drawn from the life of Lincoln. The values of equality, fairness, justice, and mercy are all illustrative of the Lincoln legacy.  

Our aim is to capture the imagination of young people and encourage them to pursue excellence inspired by the example of our nation's 16th president.

A 3-point plan

Abraham Lincoln's 1856 visit and speech in Bronson Park offers Kalamazoo the good fortune to transform a unique historical asset into an ongoing educational enrichment. Moreover, Kalamazoo's Lincoln connection provides fertile ground for developing inclusive studies that encompass issues of race in America. Recognizing this, three interrelated educational components are proposed: ​

1. Place a privately-funded bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln in  Kalamazoo's Bronson Park;

2. Promote educational programs instructive of Lincoln's 1856 visit;  

3. Explore ways to foster leadership development inspired by the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln with a focus on youth.